University and Careers Advisor Role

The University and Careers Advisor aims to educate and assist students, their parents, and/or legal guardian about post-secondary and career pathways, as well as university application processes in the U.K., U.S., Canada, Europe and the rest of the world.

By providing information, awareness and guidance around the detailed nature and numerous steps needed for successful university applications, the University and Careers Adviser is an essential resource for upper-secondary students as Park Lane.

In Year-11, as students begin to make their IB course selection for the following academic year, they also consider how these subjects might align with their post-secondary interests. Both the student and their parents are encouraged to discuss their many options with the IB Coordinator and the University & Careers Advisor.

In Year-12, students are given both group and individually targeted information in the form of ongoing classroom workshops (aka, Uni Prep) as well as personalised 1-on-1 meetings.

Through these workshops and meetings, students will find not only the best fit for their potential undergraduate studies and higher education but, will also explore viable alternatives toward this and career interests.

The aim is to engage students and ensure that students take ownership and are proactively involved in their post-secondary objectives from the university research process to finalising their university shortlist at the end of Year-12 and then, completing their university applications in Year-13.

In their final year of the IB Diploma course, Year-13 students will need to manage multiple internal and external deadlines, some of which are concurrent. It is important to emphasise that while students have access to reliable information, resources, tools and guidance, they are ultimately responsible for reviewing and completing all components of a university application as well as communicating in a timely manner of any supporting documents required for their application (e.g. academic transcripts, teacher letters of reference, etc.). This, therefore, reinforces the importance of the delivery of relevant content throughout Year-12.

Some of what the University & Careers Adviser offers includes:

  1. (i.e. successful planning for deferred university applications, managing a gap year effectively, alternative pathways into tertiary education.)
  2. Consultation and feedback for Y11 students and parents on IB course selections vis-à-vis higher education interests and goals, as needed. Co-approval of IB course changes, where feasible.
  3. Informative lectures and workshops for students and parents with insight into universities structures, post-secondary learning in the UK, Europe and North America as well as professional pathways and career options.
  4. Timelines and guidelines for students to effectively research, manage and pace multiple applications.
  5. Reviews and assists in the online registration and application process for UCAS (UK).
  6. Provide UCAS letters of reference; manages and tracks students’ UCAS applications, including university offers.
  7. Reviews and assists students in the online registration and application process for the CommonApp (US) platform. Provide counselor letters of recommendation and/or general letters of reference, as needed.
  8. Provides in-depth review and constructive feedback on UCAS personal statements, US college essays and other personal statements, as required for other universities worldwide.
  9. Assists students in the registration process and provide feedback on the various application systems for Canadian universities.
  10. Assists students in registration process and provide feedback on Studielink online applications for the Netherlands.
  11. Assists students with all other European online application procedures, as need.
  12. Manages and reviews student transcripts, reviews and revises school profiles and school reports as needed for U.S., Canadian, Dutch, and other international universities.
  13. Provides overview and assistance in registration for the US College Board SAT tests.
  14. Ongoing R&D and review of global university admissions trends plus new and developing undergraduate programmes available throughout the UK, North American and Europe (including Czech Republic).
  15. Ongoing collaboration and planning with IB Coordinator to deliver relevant content to IB and pre-IB students.
  16. Coordinates day trips/field trips to international university fairs.
  17. University outreach and networking in situ university presentations with admissions reps and recruiters.

Park Lane is registered through:

The US College Board SAT

  Key university application dates and deadlines: 

15 October: UK Oxford, Cambridge and Medicine Applications Due 

1 November- 15 December: Most US Early Action & Early Decision Applications Due 

30 November: Most Universities in California Regular Applications Due (University of California and Cal States) 

1 December: Many US and Canada Applications with Scholarship Due 

1 - 5 January: Most US Regular Applications Due 

15 January: Numerus Fixus Applicants for the Netherlands and most Canadian    applications due

26 January - *UCAS Regular application due  *new application deadline as of 2022

February- June:  Most other regular European & International applications due - including Czech Universities

Other important external dates & deadlines: 

  US & Canada: 

1- 5 December: Individual University Scholarship Applications Due 

1 May - 1 June: Students finalise their decision

**U.S. SAT & SAT Subject Exams Key Dates 2021-22: 

For upcoming SAT test dates please see the International Test Dates at the US College Board website. PL Test Center availability can be found here

Please contact Mr Richard Maclean at for the most current information about SAT test administration at Park Lane 

**NB: Numerous U.S. Universities have temporarily suspended SAT requirements through 2022 and beyond. Please double-check university websites for more information about SAT requirements and policies. 

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