Park Lane Library On Wheels

Dear Park Lane Community,

We are very pleased to announce another project to further enhance our Distance Learning Programme and reduce screen time. Within the next couple of weeks we will begin operating the Park Lane Library On Wheels. Based on our pupils' requests, a school bus transformed into a mobile library will drive to your home address with a wide selection of fiction and nonfiction books for your child/children to choose from.

Our primary and secondary school librarians will carefully choose a range of popular books to stock the Library On Wheels. This will include a large number of new books which arrived in our libraries just before the school closure occurred.

As health & safety are our top priorities, the service will be provided under special conditions, e.g. books will be issued from an outside table, both driver and librarian will wear professional masks and gloves, buses will be disinfected daily/cleaned by ozone generators and book covers will be cleaned by antiseptic wipes.

We are delighted to introduce this new service and will share more information next week on how to start reserving books.

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