Admissions procedure

Primary School

Initial enquiry: Parents will be asked to provide information by telephone or in person about the child´ s birth date and the assumed starting date to the school registrar.

School visit: On receipt of this information, parents will be invited to visit the School, preferably with their child/children. During the visit parents will be offered meetings with appropriate staff, including the Registrar, Head of Primary and the Head of Czech (for parents of Czech nationals joining Year 2 – Year 6). Perspective parents will also enjoy a tour of the school with a pupil and the Registrar. Prospective parents will also receive information about the school curriculum, class timetables and a welcome booklet.

Application: Following the visit parents may be invited to make a formal application for the enrolment of their child/children. This application can be submitted online to assist international parents who have not yet relocated to Prague.

The application is made as follows:  Completion and signature of the application form Provision of copies of school reports for each child covering the previous two years of education (where relevant).  Provision of contact details of the current school (where relevant) and agreement that a written reference may be taken up with said school for each child.

Assessment: Each applicant will be assessed according to their Key Stage entrance. See our Admissions Policy for further details. The informal assessment ideally and where possible will be part of an assessment and trial day in the class matching the pupils age and academic stage.

Parents will be asked to attend a short formal meeting with the Head of Primary once relevant assessments and (where necessary) trial days have been undertaken. Any specific conditions attached to the offer of a place will be discussed.

Offer of a place: Following receipt of the assessment results, school reports and school reference the School will decide whether a place is to be offered. Parents will receive a letter from the Head of Primary informing them of the outcome and making clear any specific conditions attached to the offer of a place. After pupils have been enrolled into the school the registrar will be in close communication with dates and times for our induction and transition days so he pupils will have a chance to become orientated and settled in school before term starts.

Admissions Procedure

Secondary school 

Parents wishing to register their children in the secondary school should kindly note that all applicants are expected to undergo a selection procedure which not only considers pupils’ abilities but also assesses their capacity to integrate successfully and contribute positively to the current student body. In this respect, we pay special attention to each applicant’s academic, extracurricular and disciplinary records and consider his/her current schooling and educational background. 

Please note that Park Lane’s secondary branch currently considers applications for entry to Years 7-11 (i.e. students aged 11-15). N.B. Our first cohort of Year 10 students began their Cambridge IGCSE courses in September 2016 and will tackle the IB Diploma Programme from September 2018.

Most of the basic registration procedures outlined in the primary school section (above) also apply to the secondary school (with the Head of Primary being replaced by the Principal). However, students wishing to register for Years 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 are required to take entrance exams, which comprise of an online CEM selection assessment and an English proficiency test. Our secondary enrolment process also includes a trial day at school followed by an interview with the Principal. In all cases, we require very good to excellent school reports for the current and past two academic years and, where possible, a strong letter of support from the pupil’s current (or previous) head of school.

Initial Application Fee

An initial Application fee of CZK 10 000 is required at the beginning of the application and selection procedure, which usually takes between two and four weeks to complete. The application fee is non-refundable unless the school is unable to provide a place for the pupil.

Entrance Examinations for potential students

Applicants will undergo a challenging selection process:

  • The online computer adaptive entrance assessment CEM Select will help us to identify the most able students and provide us with strong indications of each student’s academic potential.
  • The English test allows us to compare external candidates with our current students and helps to identify initial support needs for students whose English standard falls below age expectations.
  • The Czech test helps us to compare applicants’ capabilities with our current students, thus providing a good benchmark for further study.

Documents to be submitted:

  • School reports for the past two school years
  • Completed online registration form
  • Headteacher’s report 


Ms Karolína Schreiberová
PR & Admissions Officer
Telephone: +420 603 489 369
Address: Park Lane International School, Valdštejnská 151
Prague 1 – Malá Strana, 118 00, Czech Republic



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