Paul Ingarfield

Born and brought up in London, I worked for the defence ministry in Whitehall for 12 years before making the decision to pursue a new career in the education sector. I attained my postgraduate teaching qualification at King’s College London in the late '90s.
In 1999, after gaining experience at three different schools in the London area, I began a new role as Head of English and Drama at a large private school in Amman, Jordan. In 2002, I took up a similar post at another school in Amman, but returned to the previous institution a year later after applying for the Head of Secondary position. I was promoted to whole school Principal in 2007/8.

I joined Park Lane in August 2012 at a pivotal time in the school’s development: we had just reached Year 6 and were busy developing our plans to open our senior school from 2013.

I feel very fortunate to be involved in the education of so many keen young learners - and to have the opportunity to lead a team of dedicated and industrious professionals who share my ambitions for Park Lane’s bright future. After spending more than a decade living with the hustle, bustle and dust of the Middle East, it is a pleasant contrast for me to be working in the historic epicentre of one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals.

Beyond school, I enjoy collecting and listening to reggae and soul, the two musical genres that provided the main soundtrack of my now distant youth! My wife Ginny teaches French at Park Lane and our 17 year-old son Harry has reached the final year of the IB Diploma Programme.



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